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Revolution, not Resolution

This post was originally going to be titled resolutions, but since I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions, that was out.  Instead, I tend to set goals.  Like the pirate’s code, they’re more like guidelines. Actually, what prompted me to … Continue reading

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An Amazing Adventure

The last day for the most recent round of Schools for Schools was Friday.  The original goal my CE 10 class set was $20,000 in 45 days.  As of Friday afternoon, our total was around $15,500.  Not bad for 25 kids. … Continue reading

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Deeply Engaged

Today I had an amazing Biology class.  My students had individually researched the endocrine system, and this morning they were randomly put into teams using an on-line teammaker.  They loved it. But that’s far from the highlight Their assignment was … Continue reading

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A Look Back

It’s been not quite a month since I decided to overhaul my classroom, which is shocking.   It seems much longer than that.  Not in a bad way.  I just can’t imagine teaching any other way.  I’ve moved from a content-based, teacher centred-classroom, … Continue reading

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Five Great Minutes

I understand why many educators choose to do things the way they always have.  It kinda works. And, once you become relatively proficient at it, things seem to run quite smoothly. Teachers give the information.  Students memorize the information.  You … Continue reading

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Summary for EC&I 831

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Student Learning

I don’ know how I learned to learn.  It’s something I’m pretty good at. It’s definitely one of my favourite things to do.  But I don’t remember anyone teaching me how to learn, or even addressing the importance of becoming … Continue reading

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The Jury is In

I’ve been waiting for today’s Biology class for two weeks.  Why? The day of reckoning.  Or less dramatically, it’s the day I find out, if this stuff really works. After two weeks of my students taking control of their learning, and teaching … Continue reading

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