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Bringing History to Life

My students often surprise me.   Sometimes it’s with how creative they can be, how hard they’ll work, or how capable they really are, if they’re given the opportunity. This is the sixth time I’ve taught a unit on the Holocaust, but … Continue reading

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School ain’t what it used to be?

I’m angry.  And that’s not all that easy to accomplish. This morning I accompanied our grade 11 & 12’s on an experience college day. It should have been an excellent morning, and it was.  Until Sociology 100.  The topic the professor … Continue reading

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The Verdict

Originally I was incredibly reticent towards changing my Biology class to 21st teaching because of  fear.  Fear of it not working, but also fear of the departmental exam that’s attached to my class.  You see, at the end of the semester my students were … Continue reading

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The First Week

My syllabus is the first indication of the radical shift that has occurred in my classroom and my thinking.  First, it’s posted on my wiki and not on a piece of paper.  With a new semester beginning this week, I’ve gone paperless, which will … Continue reading

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Walking the Talk

I need to walk the talk. It would be impossible to teach blogging, if I wasn’t an avid blogger.  I’d lack credibility as a teacher.  And my students would know.  Teenagers can spot insincerity a mile away.  It’s like somebody trying to promote the benefits … Continue reading

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