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Just Curious.

One of the questions I’m asked frequently is, “Are your students curious?”  My answer? No.  At least not when they first enter my classroom.  By grade 10, we’ve schooled the curiousity and imagination out of them.  As Seth Godin states, in … Continue reading

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Real World Learning: The Test

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to meet with 8 high school students from my school division; 3 are from my own classroom. Together they form a team of student journalists who will report, in real time, the events of … Continue reading

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Show me. Don’t tell me

Today I spoke at my first staff meeting in the role of learning consultant.  The topic? Project-based learning.  I gave an overview of PBL using the projects I’ve done with my classes.  Showing everything from our Holocaust museum, to our anti-slavery social … Continue reading

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