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Inquiry Learning: This Isn’t Scary at All

I love the first day of school, as much now as when I was a child. The reason I love it so much? I have an inquiry classroom. I teach chemistry and biology, both are inquiry and project-based. However, it … Continue reading

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Reflections on a Year

I’ve been reading a great deal lately about Jewish culture.  One of the most important aspects of ancient Judaism is the concept of Talmidim; the Japanese have a similar concept called uchi deshi,  which is still prevalent in Eastern culture.  … Continue reading

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My Students are my Heroes

They are. They’re my heroes because I have students who are some of the most courageous, tenacious, and authentic people I know. Most days I can’t believe I get paid to do this job. The past few days I’ve spent at a … Continue reading

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When all else fails…start over

Today, at the beginning of our Biology class, I asked my students to estimate how long they would need to finish the cell projects they are currently working on.  One of my students made an exasperated sound and said, “months!”  … Continue reading

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Confessions of an Inquiry Teacher

Last year when I began using inquiry and student-directed teaching in Biology, we were part way through the semester. Because of that, there are so many things that I didn’t realize.  But I’m learning them now. After I made the decision to … Continue reading

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