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Day One: Halt

Today was the first day of my new job.  How was it? A struggle, of course.  How could it not be?  As my shoes clicked across the hall floor this morning I thought, “Boy, it’s quiet here.”  Something I’m not really … Continue reading

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Why I love project-based learning

I love project-based learning. Why? Because my students do. Some of my favourite projects are the Biology 30 projects due at semester’s end. These aren’t the only projects we create throughout the semester; we also create a number of digital products too. … Continue reading

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Cultivating a Culture of Failure

Somewhere along the line we decided that failure was a bad thing — something to be avoided at all costs, as if that’s possible.  Even though we tell our kids that Edison failed hundreds of times before he invented the … Continue reading

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Slavery is Wrong: Wear a Barcode

In two days, on January 11th,  it’s National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.  What are my students doing for it? They’re wearing a barcode. Yep, you read that right. My students decided to wear a simple barcode off a household object to represent … Continue reading

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The Long Goodbye

Three weeks from tomorrow, when our semester ends, I’ll be leaving my classroom.  For the next year, I’ll be the high school learning consultant for my school division. And I had no idea it would be so hard to leave. I’ve … Continue reading

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